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If you're a business who wants to advertise to the quilting and hand-crafting markets, Quilt Blog Ads is for you!  We offer competitive rates, super statistics, and one-on-one assistance to help you with the best return on your investment possible!

At the current time, we offer ad space for 120x90 px. button ads.  In the future, we'll start running text ads and 125x300 mini-skyscraper ads.

Our ad fees are flat-rate by the month and we guarantee that ALL of our ads are placed on blogs and/or websites who maintain quilting and/or crafting content.

If quilters or crafters are your target audience, then Quilt Blog Ads is for you!

You choose your level, and are taken to the rates after you fill out the following form.  Fees are to be pre-paid via PayPal, no exceptions. 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must have a quilt- or craft-related product and/or service to advertise with the Quilt Blog Ad network. 
  2. Do not ask us to run any type of pay-per-performance advertising campaigns (including CPC, affiliate programs, etc.) because we will not do so.
  3. We can offer geo-targeting for your advertising, and we can also offer to run your ads X times per IP address per day / week.  Just ask!
  4. Once your advertising is accepted, we will set you up in our ad serving system, so you will have a login to see the ad serving statistics you've generated.
  5. Results for your advertising campaigns depend upon a lot of factors.  The job of Quilt Blog Ads is to bring you in front of targeted traffic for your product and/or service.  The advertisers job is to create tempting ad creatives, to attract this traffic that we provide.  There are no guarantees as to how well your ads will perform; but, we will do our best to offer help, should you request it.
  6. There are no refunds offered for advertising with Quilt Blog Ads.  As stated above, if you are not receiving the results you'd like to see, we'll try to assist you to make things better.  But, beyond that, there are no refunds.  However, you may cancel your subscription through your PayPal account at any time...and your ads will still run the full 30 days that you purchased for, but will not renew after that 30 days.
  7. We at Quilt Blog Ads are quilters and crafters.  Really.  We've been successfully selling online advertising and running advertising campaigns for over 10 years.  We know this business inside and out - and we've been quilting and crafting for well over 30 years.  Yessiree, we know our business!
  8. There are NO express or implied warranties with these terms & conditions.  If any legal litigation needs to arise, it shall do so from Texas, where Quiltalicious, LLC is a registered company.

Would you like to advertise with Quilt Blog Ads?  Please fill out the following form - where all fields are required:

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If someone referred you to Quilt Blog Ads, please submit their name so we can give them credit!
In order to continue, you must agree to ALL of the terms & conditions stated above by typing YES, I AGREE TO THE T & C's the box to the left:  


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